Workshop on the Use of the Social Network TikTok

The toolkit from the TikTok application allows to create real videos. You can overlay music, effects and covers. This is done very simply, below goes a step-by-step instruction.


  • Creating a video for TikTok
  • Creating videos without the app
  • Editing videos
  • Conclusion

Creating a video for TikTok

It is believed that the social network TikTok allows to deliver the 15 seconds long videos to your followers. But it is not like this. You can create a video on a computer or a smartphone and upload it to your profile. At the same time, the video can be longer than a minute. How to do this, and other nuances of using the social network TikTok, will be discussed below.

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Creating videos without the app

The TikTok app opens up great opportunities for its users. You can create content directly in it or use the third-party resources. To record videos longer than the time allotted by the application, you can turn on the camera of your smartphone or tablet and create your masterpiece.

Launch the TikTok app and log in. At the bottom of the screen you will find the “Plus” button. Tapping it will load the interface for creating a video.

Tap the “Photo” icon and navigate to your Gallery. Select the video that you want to post in your profile. The system will show its duration on the screen.

Using the visual scale, you can vary the length of the video. The left border is the beginning of the video, and the right is its end. After defining the boundaries, click the button “Next”.

To answer the question of how to make money using Tik Tok, you need to promote this social network. For this, it is important to create high-quality videos and use hashtags.

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Editing video

Want to equip your video with sound? To add music, tap the special icon at the top of the screen. The possibilities of the built-in editor let changing the length of the track, its volume and sound.

The clock icon allows to add additional visual objects to your video: covers, filters, etc. Would you like to know how to get all the Tik Tok effects? Stay tuned to our blog.

If you have finished editing, feel free to tap the “Next” button.

When uploading a video to TikTok, do not forget to add a description and tags to it. If you want to show your video only to a certain part of the audience, this can also be done by the application. The “Publish” button will send the video to a social network, where it will appear soon.


There is no difficulty in creating beautiful TikTok videos. The editor has the necessary minimum of functions that allow to create beautiful videos. If you have a craving for something interesting, then you will definitely be able to make a video that will appeal to the thousands of people. TikTok is a social network that will help you realize your creative potential.