Why TikTok Is So Popular

To understand why TikTok has become that popular, it is necessary to trace its history. The social network appeared just at the time when it was required by the users. That showed a rapid growth in the number of those who gone crazy about it.


  • Why TikTok became popular
  • A bit of history
  • What’s next?
  • Conclusion

Both British pop musician Ed Sheeran and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger appreciated the features of the social network TikTok. In addition to these celebrities, a new social network already unites almost a billion people. The service has all the advantages of Instagram, but focuses on short videos. What is the phenomenon of TikTok? Let’s figure it out.

Why TikTok became popular

The social network TikTok is of Chinese origin. The company Bytedance, listed as the most expensive startup in the world, is responsible for its development. By the way, in this rating it bypassed the Uber service. The company was founded by the 20-year-old programmer Zhang Yiming. He saw a teenager making faces to the music from his smartphone and the idea hit him. The plan for creating a social network of a new generation has flashed in the brain of this gifted person.

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A bit of history

In 2016, this company released its own social network Douyin. When the size of China was not enough for it, it was decided to get developed in other countries of the world. So the name was transformed into the one that sounds more harmonious for the Europeans. Even before such a transformation, a social network with short videos acquired the local stars. If you want to be in one row with them, use Tik Tok video hacks.

If you used the service Musical.ly, you could find similar features on TikTok. This should not surprise you. The thing is that this service was acquired by the social network described above. That allowed to get the new stars who migrated to TikTok from Musical.ly. The functionality of the social network allows to share videos with friends and even sing a duet from different devices.

What’s next?

After the Vine service disappeared, many users of this social network started using TikTok. This led to the fact that the audience began to grow by leaps and bounds. And if growth slowed down in China, it happened vice versa worldwide. TikTok app was installed by hundreds of thousands of new users in the US and Europe on their smartphones. It is easy to make a Tik Tok video. That is why this social network is wildly popular.

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Why did TikTok become so popular? Everything is simple, the social network has appeared to the point, and its interface is very easy to understand. The service is mainly used by liberated young people. But gradually the “older generation” starts showing interest in this service. If you want to succeed, start using TikTok right now. You still have time to find your audience and become popular.