Why TikTok is So Popular Among Teenagers

Every day the number of TikTok users grow, new characters constantly appear in the recommendations of the application. Someone makes mini-videos, others just talk on the camera or show Tik Tok video dance. However, it immediately catches the eye that the main audience of the social network is teenagers, and there are certain reasons for that.


  • Opportunities on TikTok
  • Why teens prefer TikTok
  • Why TikTok is annoying

Opportunities on TikTok

TikTok is a video platform, correspondingly, all content is based on mini-videos. The main feature of the social network is the ability to put music on the video without copyright violation. The application catalog contains an incredibly large number of music tracks, including phrases from popular films, TV shows, and cartoons. You can also upload your tracks stored on the device.

Compared to other social platforms, TikTok is a unique application where you are allowed to use music without getting blocked for the copyright violation. Based on this, the best Tik Tok videos are created.

Another advantage is that there are a number of effects and filters for the video processing, i.e., an application is both a social network and a full-fledged editor. The list of masks and other tools is constantly updated.

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Why teens prefer TikTok

To start with, the company once launched a “bright” ad, which was literally everywhere. Bloggers on YouTube and other social networks actively advertised the platform by posting their videos on it.

The second reason, perhaps the most basic one, is that young people are trying to keep up with the trends and want to be an example to follow. TikTok is still the most promising platform, where everyone can get into the recommendations and gain the audience. There is a great competition on other social platforms and in order to get through it, you have to invest a lot of money and effort. In terms of opportunities for the newbies, TikTok is a leader.

The third reason is the word of mouth effect. Many users repost their and other people’s videos on other sites, where there are also people interested in participating in contests and other events.

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Why TikTok is annoying

Despite its great popularity, the social network still managed to conquer its haters, and there are several reasons for this:

  • A large number of advertising at the development stage. In fact, advertising has given not only a positive effect. It was just that much that it bothered everyone. It was literally “coming out of the woodwork”.
  • Annoying content. Since netizens are mostly young people, the quality content is rare. Very often, everyone just makes faces in front of the camera. By the way, it was the users’ videos that were used in the advertisements, which caused even more negativity among the Internet users.

In any case, TikTok remains the most promising platform for the younger generation. It provides the same conditions for all users and occupies a leading position among other social networks.