Live Streaming on TikTok

One of the ways of how to get more Tik Tok likes is to live stream. This is a relatively new feature that has already come to the liking of most users. However, this does not negate the fact that to conduct high-quality broadcasts you need a little more than just sit in front of the camera and communicate with the audience (although the essence is exactly like that).


  • Live streaming
  • Proper environment
  • Music selection
  • Communication with the audience
  • Conclusion

Live streaming

For a start it is worth explaining that it is simply impossible to live stream just for nothing. It’s not so important how many likes do you need to go live on Tik Tok – the most important thing is to collect a sufficient number of followers. There should be more than a thousand. After that, you will open the function of live streaming. During the live broadcast you can communicate with the audience, dance to the music. Viewers stay in a chat, ask questions to a streamer and put likes if they enjoy the content.

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Proper environment

One of the main tasks of the streamer is to conduct a high-quality broadcast and give the viewer a high-quality picture. One way to do this is to create the right environment. You should have a good camera. The broadcast itself should not be organized in the “artisanal” conditions, but should meet the minimum requirements. If the live streaming is from home, it is best to clean up the mess. No one will enjoy watching other people’s underwear during the live broadcast.

Music selection

TikTok is a social network where music plays a huge role. Therefore, for the live broadcasts, it is best to select good songs. If you are going to dance, then choose the music tracks easy to move to. It is better if it is something well-proven. If you just want to chat with the audience, then choose something light and simple that will sound great in the background.

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Communication with the audience

A huge component of any live broadcast is interaction with the audience in real time. You need to engage in dialogue with your viewers, answer their questions, respond to their actions in the chat. It ismore interesting for the viewers to communicate with the streamers, who actively shows themselves and do not forget about the chat. Therefore, even if you are dancing live, do not forget to make small pauses and devote ten minutes to your viewers.


Despite the fact that live streaming on TikTok are still in the testing phase, this is a great way to get new viewers. However, in order to be able to organize them, you need to gain a thousand followers first. Doing this without the help of the third-party services is too long and tedious, so the best idea is to use All-SMM for help. They will quickly organize the boost of followers and you will be able to live stream.