Earnings on Instagram: Secrets, Working with Advertisers and Features of the Business

Making money on Instagram is a dream for many people who have popular accounts. Modern world allows this, and in many ways! But how to do it better? What are the secrets, and what is the best way of working with advertisers?


– What is the best way of choosing and working with an advertiser?

– What are the secrets of earning on Instagram?

– Features of the business.

What is the best way of choosing and working with an advertiser?

Choosing an advertiser is a more complicated process than it may seem at first glance. It should be borne in mind that the ‘incorrectly chosen’ advertising provider will be able to bring reputational losses and risks that are difficult (and sometimes impossible) to compensate. An improperly selected advertiser may reduce the total cost of your services in future.

For example, the owner of an Instagram account, without verifying the information, may publish ads of soft drugs that are ‘hidden’ in the ad as pills for depression. Of course, the fame of a dishonest person, who considers followers only as a means of earning money, could be acquired by the owner of the page. The audience can ‘perceive’ this as a personal insult and mass unfollowing will start.

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If we take the following formula as a basis: ‘Do you get paid for Instagram followers? Carry out the responsibility!’, – the risk of publishing unfair ad gets reduced.

If possible, better trust to those advertisers who have already proved themselves as reliable partners in other profiles.

The more conditions about the advertisement post will be agreed in advance, the greater is the chance that you will find a long-term understanding and cooperation with the advertising provider. Feel free to discuss everything, even scrupulous and obvious things. Perhaps these details will play a key role in resolving major conflicts.

What are the secrets of earning on Instagram?

Basically, secrets can be reduced to the simple ones as below:

– You are fully responsible for advertising and for the advertised service, product;

Some users could be your followers on Instagram free, but they should be ‘sold’ with extreme caution, taking full responsibility for everything happening in the profile. It will be useful to test the advertised service, the product independently (for greater understanding), which will allow you to interact with the followers better and give you more confidence (as an ‘advertising platform’).

– Take a prepayment from the new customers;

If the customer is new for you, do not hesitate to take (demand) an advance payment. Prepayment is a guarantee of the full payment. Try to ask the customer’s past and clarify the ‘portfolio’ (the list of profiles he worked with).

– Do not consider followers stupid.

This may seem like a simple secret. However, many people forget about it, which can lead to serious reputational losses on your part. Never assume that your words will not be double-checked, or a lie will not be revealed! Practice shows that only honest, sincere and open ‘profiles’ (in the wide sense of the word) achieve success and get popular among the followers!

By following these simple secrets, you can start earning more and be able to attract even bigger customers!

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Features of the business.

A major customer will not cooperate on mechanism of parole. Such customers, as a rule, must submit financial statements to the tax service and pay taxes on financial transactions, which makes it impossible for you to cooperate, without the ability to track and prove the money spent.

Usually, your simple registration as an individual entrepreneur solves this problem.