Current TikTok Trends

Over the past two years, TikTok has evolved from a local Chinese social network to one of the most popular services in the world. There are a lot of such services today, but it was TikTok that gained popularity and won this tough competition. Today, to create a popular account in a social network, you need not just tap the registration button, but also to imagine what trends exist there. Recently, a Tik Tok new video gets posted with an enviable frequency. You need to figure it out what videos are becoming popular and what content should be published for the active account development.


  • New trends on TikTok
  • Focus on the video quality
  • Mass videos
  • Musical accompaniment
  • Conclusion

New trends on TikTok

A new Tik Tok famous video collects millions of views and likes. Dancing continues to be the most popular, but users are paying more and more attention to the creativity. Today you can find entire videos created based on the musical composition. For example, if the song is about a schoolboy who helps a mother to walk with a dog, then in the video the audience will see a person with a dog. And there are a lot of such videos. In general, there is noticeable movement towards more creative and diverse content. This has a positive effect on the overall attractiveness of the social network.

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Focus on the video quality

Another noticeable trend is the increase in the high quality of posts. Previously, most commercials were filmed on the front camera of a cheap smartphone. Today, there are still a lot of such videos, but videos shot on smartphones with a good camera are gaining more popularity. Viewers want to see more details. And this means that to create a popular account, you have to spend money to buy a smartphone with a high-quality camera.

Mass videos

However, there is a negative trend – previously most of the videos were unique. Now the situation has changed. Most of the created videos are not unique, they all look alike. Against this background, and highlight the videos, the creation of which users approach with a share of creativity and originality. Because of this, the quality of the created content plays such a great role.

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Musical accompaniment

A huge amount of music compositions are available on TikTok. And here the situation has not changed, because users continue using both songs by popular performers and representatives of the “underground”, little-known artists whose work finds response in the hearts of only dozens of listeners. This is great, because it allows not only users to gain popularity, but also to slightly promote the work of new artists discovering new talents.


Today TikTok is experiencing its Golden Age. Moreover, recent updates and innovations allow to say that the situation will not change at least the next year. The social network will continue growing and conquering the market. The point is also that the potential competitors do nothing to win at least a part of the audience. And in vain, since tomorrow it will be too late.