Current TikTok Trends

Over the past two years, TikTok has evolved from a local Chinese social network to one of the most popular services in the world. There are a lot of such services today, but it was TikTok that gained popularity and won this tough competition. Today, to create a popular account in a social network, you need not just tap the registration button, but also to imagine what trends exist there. Recently, a Tik Tok new video gets posted with an enviable frequency. You need to figure it out what videos are becoming popular and what content should be published for the active account development.


  • New trends on TikTok
  • Focus on the video quality
  • Mass videos
  • Musical accompaniment
  • Conclusion

New trends on TikTok

A new Tik Tok famous video collects millions of views and likes. Dancing continues to be the most popular, but users are paying more and more attention to the creativity. Today you can find entire videos created based on the musical composition. For example, if the song is about a schoolboy who helps a mother to walk with a dog, then in the video the audience will see a person with a dog. And there are a lot of such videos. In general, there is noticeable movement towards more creative and diverse content. This has a positive effect on the overall attractiveness of the social network.

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Focus on the video quality

Another noticeable trend is the increase in the high quality of posts. Previously, most commercials were filmed on the front camera of a cheap smartphone. Today, there are still a lot of such videos, but videos shot on smartphones with a good camera are gaining more popularity. Viewers want to see more details. And this means that to create a popular account, you have to spend money to buy a smartphone with a high-quality camera.

Mass videos

However, there is a negative trend – previously most of the videos were unique. Now the situation has changed. Most of the created videos are not unique, they all look alike. Against this background, and highlight the videos, the creation of which users approach with a share of creativity and originality. Because of this, the quality of the created content plays such a great role.

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Musical accompaniment

A huge amount of music compositions are available on TikTok. And here the situation has not changed, because users continue using both songs by popular performers and representatives of the “underground”, little-known artists whose work finds response in the hearts of only dozens of listeners. This is great, because it allows not only users to gain popularity, but also to slightly promote the work of new artists discovering new talents.


Today TikTok is experiencing its Golden Age. Moreover, recent updates and innovations allow to say that the situation will not change at least the next year. The social network will continue growing and conquering the market. The point is also that the potential competitors do nothing to win at least a part of the audience. And in vain, since tomorrow it will be too late.

Live Streaming on TikTok

One of the ways of how to get more Tik Tok likes is to live stream. This is a relatively new feature that has already come to the liking of most users. However, this does not negate the fact that to conduct high-quality broadcasts you need a little more than just sit in front of the camera and communicate with the audience (although the essence is exactly like that).


  • Live streaming
  • Proper environment
  • Music selection
  • Communication with the audience
  • Conclusion

Live streaming

For a start it is worth explaining that it is simply impossible to live stream just for nothing. It’s not so important how many likes do you need to go live on Tik Tok – the most important thing is to collect a sufficient number of followers. There should be more than a thousand. After that, you will open the function of live streaming. During the live broadcast you can communicate with the audience, dance to the music. Viewers stay in a chat, ask questions to a streamer and put likes if they enjoy the content.

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Proper environment

One of the main tasks of the streamer is to conduct a high-quality broadcast and give the viewer a high-quality picture. One way to do this is to create the right environment. You should have a good camera. The broadcast itself should not be organized in the “artisanal” conditions, but should meet the minimum requirements. If the live streaming is from home, it is best to clean up the mess. No one will enjoy watching other people’s underwear during the live broadcast.

Music selection

TikTok is a social network where music plays a huge role. Therefore, for the live broadcasts, it is best to select good songs. If you are going to dance, then choose the music tracks easy to move to. It is better if it is something well-proven. If you just want to chat with the audience, then choose something light and simple that will sound great in the background.

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Communication with the audience

A huge component of any live broadcast is interaction with the audience in real time. You need to engage in dialogue with your viewers, answer their questions, respond to their actions in the chat. It ismore interesting for the viewers to communicate with the streamers, who actively shows themselves and do not forget about the chat. Therefore, even if you are dancing live, do not forget to make small pauses and devote ten minutes to your viewers.


Despite the fact that live streaming on TikTok are still in the testing phase, this is a great way to get new viewers. However, in order to be able to organize them, you need to gain a thousand followers first. Doing this without the help of the third-party services is too long and tedious, so the best idea is to use All-SMM for help. They will quickly organize the boost of followers and you will be able to live stream.

Workshop on the Use of the Social Network TikTok

The toolkit from the TikTok application allows to create real videos. You can overlay music, effects and covers. This is done very simply, below goes a step-by-step instruction.


  • Creating a video for TikTok
  • Creating videos without the app
  • Editing videos
  • Conclusion

Creating a video for TikTok

It is believed that the social network TikTok allows to deliver the 15 seconds long videos to your followers. But it is not like this. You can create a video on a computer or a smartphone and upload it to your profile. At the same time, the video can be longer than a minute. How to do this, and other nuances of using the social network TikTok, will be discussed below.

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Creating videos without the app

The TikTok app opens up great opportunities for its users. You can create content directly in it or use the third-party resources. To record videos longer than the time allotted by the application, you can turn on the camera of your smartphone or tablet and create your masterpiece.

Launch the TikTok app and log in. At the bottom of the screen you will find the “Plus” button. Tapping it will load the interface for creating a video.

Tap the “Photo” icon and navigate to your Gallery. Select the video that you want to post in your profile. The system will show its duration on the screen.

Using the visual scale, you can vary the length of the video. The left border is the beginning of the video, and the right is its end. After defining the boundaries, click the button “Next”.

To answer the question of how to make money using Tik Tok, you need to promote this social network. For this, it is important to create high-quality videos and use hashtags.

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Editing video

Want to equip your video with sound? To add music, tap the special icon at the top of the screen. The possibilities of the built-in editor let changing the length of the track, its volume and sound.

The clock icon allows to add additional visual objects to your video: covers, filters, etc. Would you like to know how to get all the Tik Tok effects? Stay tuned to our blog.

If you have finished editing, feel free to tap the “Next” button.

When uploading a video to TikTok, do not forget to add a description and tags to it. If you want to show your video only to a certain part of the audience, this can also be done by the application. The “Publish” button will send the video to a social network, where it will appear soon.


There is no difficulty in creating beautiful TikTok videos. The editor has the necessary minimum of functions that allow to create beautiful videos. If you have a craving for something interesting, then you will definitely be able to make a video that will appeal to the thousands of people. TikTok is a social network that will help you realize your creative potential.

Why TikTok Is So Popular

To understand why TikTok has become that popular, it is necessary to trace its history. The social network appeared just at the time when it was required by the users. That showed a rapid growth in the number of those who gone crazy about it.


  • Why TikTok became popular
  • A bit of history
  • What’s next?
  • Conclusion

Both British pop musician Ed Sheeran and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger appreciated the features of the social network TikTok. In addition to these celebrities, a new social network already unites almost a billion people. The service has all the advantages of Instagram, but focuses on short videos. What is the phenomenon of TikTok? Let’s figure it out.

Why TikTok became popular

The social network TikTok is of Chinese origin. The company Bytedance, listed as the most expensive startup in the world, is responsible for its development. By the way, in this rating it bypassed the Uber service. The company was founded by the 20-year-old programmer Zhang Yiming. He saw a teenager making faces to the music from his smartphone and the idea hit him. The plan for creating a social network of a new generation has flashed in the brain of this gifted person.

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A bit of history

In 2016, this company released its own social network Douyin. When the size of China was not enough for it, it was decided to get developed in other countries of the world. So the name was transformed into the one that sounds more harmonious for the Europeans. Even before such a transformation, a social network with short videos acquired the local stars. If you want to be in one row with them, use Tik Tok video hacks.

If you used the service, you could find similar features on TikTok. This should not surprise you. The thing is that this service was acquired by the social network described above. That allowed to get the new stars who migrated to TikTok from The functionality of the social network allows to share videos with friends and even sing a duet from different devices.

What’s next?

After the Vine service disappeared, many users of this social network started using TikTok. This led to the fact that the audience began to grow by leaps and bounds. And if growth slowed down in China, it happened vice versa worldwide. TikTok app was installed by hundreds of thousands of new users in the US and Europe on their smartphones. It is easy to make a Tik Tok video. That is why this social network is wildly popular.

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Why did TikTok become so popular? Everything is simple, the social network has appeared to the point, and its interface is very easy to understand. The service is mainly used by liberated young people. But gradually the “older generation” starts showing interest in this service. If you want to succeed, start using TikTok right now. You still have time to find your audience and become popular.

Why TikTok is So Popular Among Teenagers

Every day the number of TikTok users grow, new characters constantly appear in the recommendations of the application. Someone makes mini-videos, others just talk on the camera or show Tik Tok video dance. However, it immediately catches the eye that the main audience of the social network is teenagers, and there are certain reasons for that.


  • Opportunities on TikTok
  • Why teens prefer TikTok
  • Why TikTok is annoying

Opportunities on TikTok

TikTok is a video platform, correspondingly, all content is based on mini-videos. The main feature of the social network is the ability to put music on the video without copyright violation. The application catalog contains an incredibly large number of music tracks, including phrases from popular films, TV shows, and cartoons. You can also upload your tracks stored on the device.

Compared to other social platforms, TikTok is a unique application where you are allowed to use music without getting blocked for the copyright violation. Based on this, the best Tik Tok videos are created.

Another advantage is that there are a number of effects and filters for the video processing, i.e., an application is both a social network and a full-fledged editor. The list of masks and other tools is constantly updated.

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Why teens prefer TikTok

To start with, the company once launched a “bright” ad, which was literally everywhere. Bloggers on YouTube and other social networks actively advertised the platform by posting their videos on it.

The second reason, perhaps the most basic one, is that young people are trying to keep up with the trends and want to be an example to follow. TikTok is still the most promising platform, where everyone can get into the recommendations and gain the audience. There is a great competition on other social platforms and in order to get through it, you have to invest a lot of money and effort. In terms of opportunities for the newbies, TikTok is a leader.

The third reason is the word of mouth effect. Many users repost their and other people’s videos on other sites, where there are also people interested in participating in contests and other events.

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Why TikTok is annoying

Despite its great popularity, the social network still managed to conquer its haters, and there are several reasons for this:

  • A large number of advertising at the development stage. In fact, advertising has given not only a positive effect. It was just that much that it bothered everyone. It was literally “coming out of the woodwork”.
  • Annoying content. Since netizens are mostly young people, the quality content is rare. Very often, everyone just makes faces in front of the camera. By the way, it was the users’ videos that were used in the advertisements, which caused even more negativity among the Internet users.

In any case, TikTok remains the most promising platform for the younger generation. It provides the same conditions for all users and occupies a leading position among other social networks.