Top 6 best live wallpapers app for android


Android phones have always been very user-optimized, with the operating system allowing users to customize the interface in many different ways. But the simplest customization options that you’ve got for your phone is the home screen wallpapers. And you can take it one step further by installing a live wallpaper.

And that’s exactly why I am going to showcase some amazing free live wallpaper app that you can try right now.

WellPaper – Best Live Wallpaper Apps

Kicking off the list with wellpaper. OnePlus has combined the usefulness of a wellness app with a live wallpaper, all to present a visual representation of your use on a screen you’ll view frequently. Each color has a corresponding app type, and so you can easily see how often each type of app category is used throughout your day.

It’s a slick app that makes for a great minimal live wallpaper, and best of all, you don’t even need a OnePlus device to use it.


Dots is the latest live wallpaper from maxelus, one of the few developers out there still creating exceptional-looking live wallpaper apps. As you can see, this release offers all sorts of patterns that display dots and other effects on your screen, all of which you can customize if you unlock the entirety of the app’s features through an in-app purchase.

Of course, you’re free to take this app for a spin with a limited feature set to see how it looks on your screen before you spend any cash.

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Wallpaper app updates are a must for every user and that is why we have included Bokeh on our list. The app contains blurry unfocused dots wallpapers that look pleasing to the eyes. The soft and flowing wallpapers will add a touch of elegance to your screen. The app contains Bokeh wallpapers in different color textures that could be one of the reasons to go for this app.

ZigZag Live wallpaper

ZigZag Live wallpaper by Maxelus is an amazingly crafted live wallpaper. The app is a compilation of colorful twisted ribbons that are arranged in interesting patterns. The twisted colorful patterns are crafted in appealing colorful textures that look pleasing on your home screen. The app has in-app purchases that will give you access to more unique features.

Block Live Wallpaper

You might have got bored with your existing set of wallpapers and want some more exciting wallpapers on your device. Block Live Wallpaper is the next app that you can install on your device if you want to see some refreshing wallpapers on your home screen. Blocks live wallpaper offers a design that mimics what you would find on the Pixel 5 and it’s completely free to use.

Elements Live Wallpaper

At last, we have Elements Live Wallpaper which offers some amazing customization options of beautiful abstract square designs. With this app, you can change the background, shapes, amination speed, etc.