Top 5 video editing app for Android


Here’s our roundup of the best video editors for Android right now. We’re gonna take a look at the leading options after all of our in depth testing and finish with a reveal of my top pick for best video editing app for Android.

So after testing all the latest options we gonna take a look at the best video editors that are available on Android including the pros and cons of each, before revealing our choice for which app takes the top spot. Now as we go through makes sure to let me know down in the comments below what your favorite video editing app for Android is, and most importantly why.

Video editing app options

Now there are so many options when it comes to video editing apps on Android. You’ve got things like Adobe Premiere Rush, Alight Motion, Cute CUT, FilmoraGo, Funimate, InShot, KineMaster, Movavi Clips, PowerDirector, Quick, VivaVideo, V L L O or Vllo, WeVideo, VideoShow, and YouCut. So yeah, there’s a lot of options out there but don’t worry we’ve narrowed this down to a shortlist of four apps, which we’re gonna be covering off in this video.

Now there’s actually two apps that I wanna give a really quick mention to because they are still really solid video editing apps, even though they haven’t made our shortlist this time around. They are Alight Motion and Powerdirector, and Powerdirector is one that’s actually taken out this title in one of these videos previously, as best video editing app on Android. So it’s not to sat that either one of them aren’t great apps and you couldn’t get great results using them, it’s just to say that looking at the overall package and what you can do with them.

Overall they haven’t measured up for what’s on offer out there right now. But I’ll also say that if you are looking beyond just video editing, and you’re looking at motion graphics and animations, then Alight Motion could be a solid option for you because its focus isn’t just on video editing, but also on animation and motion graphics and those sorts of things as well, which most apps here aren’t.

So now for our shortlist in no particular order, we’ve got Adobe Premiere Rush, Inshot, Kinemaster, and Vllo or Vllo, or V L L O. I’ve looked around, no one knows how to say this correctly, so we’ll just call it Vllo. Now I’m gonna give you a quick little overview of each of these apps before we get to our top pick to help you decide which one is the best one for you.

Adobe Premiere Rush

So the first one then is Adobe Premiere Rush now this is really the baby brother of the professional video editing software on Mac and PC Adobe Premiere Pro. And while it is a cut down version it really packs a punch in the amount of features and control that you get in this app. It’s also the only app that will work cross platform and cross device, meaning that you can start and edit in Premiere Rush on your I Phone, you can open it up on your Android device, or your Mac and PC and make changes and it’s just synchronized across all of them.

So this makes your workflow so easy for you to start something on your phone or on an I Pad or Tablet, and then finish it off on your desktop computer. Personally I love how fast it is to edit in, and how intuitive it is to quickly find everything that you need, without needing to get bogged down in menus upon menus to go and find everything. I also love how fast and easy it is to reformat your videos, meaning that if you start with a 16 by nine or a wide screen video, and you wanna quickly change it to something to fit an Instagram story in portrait.

With the click of a button you can change and you can reformat your video to that, and it’s actually gonna do a great job at lining up all your titles and those sorts of things as well. Its also got amazing control over things like the audio, there’re some really powerful audio features in there that not only make it really easy to get your volume levels right, there’s an auto mode that does all of it for you if you want, but you can also dial in and control everything manually, which is awesome.

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As for the downsides this is something that’s not gonna work on every Android device, there is a list of recommended devices or supported devices, to work with this app so you’re obviously gonna need to have one of those. And the other thing that’s worth knowing at the time of recording this video there is still no ability to reverse a clip or play it backwards. Which does seem a little strange given that it is something that a lot of people use when they’re editing their videos. And it’s also pretty rare to not have that feature, in a video editing application, or software.

Now in regards to pricing there is a free version of this app but you only get to export three videos, so you really gonna be looking at the paid version which starts at $9.99 per month. The other option you’ve got is to bundle up with either Adobe Premiere Pro, or the rest of the Adobe suite. If you’ve already got Premiere, or you’re paying for the Adobe Master suite, then you’ve already got access to Adobe Rush without any additional expense.

Now don’t worry if you’re freaking out about the price and the monthly subscription, there’re some other apps coming up that may be better suited for you. But overall I would recommend Adobe Premier Rush to anyone whether you’re an absolute beginner right through to intermediate or advanced level. Someone who is looking for a really fast, really easy to use video editing application, that’s not holding back on the features.

Now obviously if you’re already in that Adobe ecosystem you’re paying for Premiere, Photo Shop or any of those, you may already have a subscription or a license to be able to use Rush, at no additional expense. But even for the $9.99 per month, what you’re getting access to ans what this is going to allow you to do and how fast it’s gonna allow you to edit your videos down, I do think it is a great option for video editing on Android.


Number two on the shortlist is Inshot. Now out of all the apps we’re covering of in this video Inshot is hands down the easiest video editing app to use, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a punch. It doesn’t have, all the advanced features and control like Adobe Premiere Rush, or like some of the other apps that we’re about to mention but, it is super powerful for allowing you to create your videos fast, and easily, and still having them look really good.

Now just like in Adobe Premiere Rush if you do wanna reformat your videos from widescreen to portrait for Instagram stories or square, Inshot makes that surprisingly easy as well. And there’s also a surprisingly huge amount of customization and control, over the effects and things that you can apply to your edit as well. And one of the stand out features for me was having the ability in such a simple app, to be able to apply an effect to multiple clips in your timeline or in your edit, without needing to manually set everything for each individual clip.

It’s such a simple thing and a lot of the more professional apps have this built in, and yeah it’s awesome to have it Inshot as well. But what you won’t get in Inshot is the ability to have multiple video layers or video tracks, or to be able to stack your video clips on top of one another. There’s also no control over frame rate, so if you wanna be editing in a specific frame rate, you’re not gonna have that here, and there’s also no advanced professional level features.

Things like key framing or advanced audio control. If you’re after those, one of the other options is gonna be better pick for you. But what they do include in Inshot, is all the tools and everything that an absolute beginner or someone who just wants to edit fast is going to need to be able to do just that. Now in regards to pricing there is a free version.

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It does have a watermark, but, you can click to remove it and all you need to do is to watch an ad and, your video can be exported without a watermark. So, it’s free. You also have the ability to pay $1.99 to remove ads completely from the app. You also have the option to unlock the Pro version of Inshot, and this unlocks all the paid filters, effects, and stickers. Pricing wise for the Pro Version starts at $4.39 per month, or $42.99 as a one time purchase. But again, you can use this app totally for free, and without a watermark.

App number three is Kinemaster.

There’s a lot of people that always comment saying you say it wrong, it’s Kinemaster, it’s actually Kinemaster. Now Kinemaster is probably the most professional video editing app on Android right now. You’ve got a huge amount of control, and tools and features and things that you would normally only find in desktop video editing programs. Things like, Advanced Key Framing, things like Audio Ducking, Equalizers, advanced editing tools like Ripple edit, to let you edit your footage down much much faster.

I also like that they’ve added some simple stuff like video layouts or presets for your video layouts. So if you wanna have more than one video on the screen say, 50% of the screen one video, 50% another, or image, you can use one of the presents to quickly set that up. They also have an Assets store so if you wanna purchase music, effects, filters, you can do all of that from within the app as well.

Now as for the downsides the two main things I think Kinemaster is missing, is the ability to easily switch between the different formats, again it’s from wide screen to portrait, to square, you actually can’t do that in Kinemaster, you have to select what type of video you’re creating upfront before you start editing, and you can’t actually change it afterwards. The other thing is the color correction or the color grading tools, yes you can tweak some colors and make some minor adjustments, but they’re pretty basic.

Now in regards to pricing, there is a free version of Kinemaster available, you can download it, you can use it on your device for free, but, it does have a Made with Kinemaster watermark, or logo, or branding, that will be saved out on your video unless you sign up for one of their subscriptions. So your options are $4.99 per month, or $39.99 for the year. and again I actually think that’s really really cheap considering what this app will let you do, and how fast it’s gonna let you create your videos down on your Android device.

So I think Kinemaster will be perfect for someone whether you are an absolute beginner right through to intermediate or advanced, because it is easy enough to jump in to get up to speed with the interface. It’s pretty intuitive it’s not as easy, as Inshot or probably as easy as Adobe Premiere Rush, but it’s definitely not gonna be too overwhelming or too hard for you to figure out. But obviously having all of those advanced and professional features in there, then yes this is gonna be perfect for someone who is looking for that advanced control and advanced functionality while they’re editing as well.

Vllo or Vllo

So number four on our shortlist then is Vllo or Vllo, however you say it. Now this is an app that’s totally taken me by surprise, I really didn’t have high expectations for this one I downloaded it, installed it, but, it’s awesome. Once again it’s got a super simple interface so it’s really easy to use and to get up to speed editing in there, but it’s also got some really cool advanced features in there as well, that are gonna make your editing much much easier.

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Simple things, like having an audio waveform the visual representation of the audio in your videos that’s overlaid on top of the clips in your timeline. There’s not many video editing apps out there that give you that functionality let alone have it in an app like this one. Now they also have a really powerful video editing feature in here that’s normally only in the top video editing software on desktop. Let alone, the cheaper ones on desktop, let alone in an app, and this is adjustment layers.

An adjustment layer is where you can apply all your effects and things to a layer, and then anything that is under that layer on your timeline or in this case above that layer, has those effects applied to it. This makes it so easy to bulk apply effects, or bulk apply color grades across your entire edit, really really fast. It also has a great amount of control over things like your color grade, you can really get in and dial in and tweak and adjust to make the colors in your video look the way that you want or, to fix up any mistakes that you might have had while you were filming.

Now the biggest thing though that this app is missing right now, the time of recording this video, is the multi-track video layers, or picture in picture layers as they call it. Having the ability to stack video clips on top of one another. Now this is something that their IOS Version already has so I’m hoping this is something that they release on Android really really soon, but for now, yeah, it doesn’t have that feature.

Now the app itself is free, and it doesn’t have a watermark, so you can use the basic functions in the app, and export your videos without any branding or anything on there. There are ads in the free version, but if you do purchase the app for $10.99 you’re gonna unlock all the features in the app, which for the most part I would say that you really wanna be doing that, but also you remove any ads from the interface as well.

So yeah, I’m pretty blown away with this app, and I think it’s again gonna be perfect for someone whether you are an absolute beginner right through to an advanced user, because of how easy it is to find everything, how easy it is to edit, but also having all of those advanced features and things in there as well.


So those are our top four shortlisted apps. Now if I had to pick a winner, it’s gonna be hard but I think my number one pick would be Adobe Premiere Rush. I really like that it is cross platform, cross device, I can start something on my phone, I can pick it up on my Mac, I can even transfer the project from Premiere Rush into Adobe Premiere Pro if I really wanna finish it on a more advanced editing system.

But really, I can’t say that I’ve ever done that or, needed to do that, because everything that I’ve needed to do in the app I’ve just done in the app. I would say a really close runner up though is Kinemaster, because it definitely hands down has the most amount of advanced tools and functionality in any app on Android, but I’m also totally blown away with Vllo, and if they did have that multi track feature on Android or, when they have that on Android, that could change the game a little bit.

So now that you’ve worked out which one of these is the best app for you right now, if you’re looking for the most efficient and the fastest way to edit your videos down in any of these applications, or any software for that matter, with minimal wasted time or rework then check out the video linked in screen now, taking through the ultimate video editing process.