How to use Fake Call app for android


Today i will show you, how to call from any number internationally for free.

Using Fake call app

First go to play store, and install Fake Call app Download. After that, open it and give all permissions when you open the app first time, you will be given some free credits In the upper box, type the number you to want to call from. this can be anything length of the number is not important In the second box, type the number you want to call.

I will call on this phone you can see that, this is the same number that i entered in the app. you can pick this call also and talk you will get one free call in one phone, and you there is no time limit in that.

You can call from any number you want and international numbers are also supported after one call, your balance will become zero one device will get free credit only once, unistall-install will not increase credits and if you want to purchase some credits, you can see that, they are very expensive For 275 credits, you have to pay 3000INR ( 41$ ) you can see that, I am using POCO X2

Resetting App 2nd time

There is a trick to reset the app, which i will tell you later. you can see that, i claimed the free credits again in my POCO X2 I will again show you by calling from it. you can call from any random number.

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As you can see, the call is from same number i entered the number which you entered in the upper box on the app, the call will come from that. you can attend the call also without any issues to use this app, you have to turn on internet in the phone in which you the have the app installed.

The phone in which you are calling, no internet connection is needed. you just need internet connection in your phone only. I will reset this app one more time. you can see that credits are zero

Resetting App 3rd time

If you want to know how to reset this app unlimited times and get free credits, please complete 500 likes on this video. After the like target completed, i will make a video on the unlimited credits trick. All numbers are supported in this app, but if you call from a registered number, then it will randomly choose any other number and call from it.

You can see that i called from 100, but as it is a registered number, it called from a different number. the calls cannot be tracked also. you can see that, i can reset the app, as many time as i want, and call from any number that i want. This app is very useful, and the virtual numbers can not be tracked so by this way, you can change your caller id and call from any number you want.