Top 6 android customization apps you should know


Android allows you to personalize the experience however you want. The Google Play Store is full of excellent customization apps, that you can install to improve your experience. And that’s exactly why in our 3rd episode of best customization apps we are bringing 6 super cool apps that will take your android experience to next level.


Dusk KWGT offers you some of the best widgets in a multi-coloured theme with deep blacks that are a perfect fit for your AMOLED display. The minimalistic design of the widget beautifully syncs with your contrasting home screen wallpapers.

You will surely love the widget once you install the app on your device, thanks to 60+ pre-made widgets like weather widget, music widget, and battery status widget, and much more. Dusk KWGT brings forward a set of gorgeous flat widgets that follow the material design language.

If you are a tech geek and want to go into technicalities, then you can notice how the flat widgets have been combined with round corners that customize your home screen to a pro-level. The widgets fit well in both dark and light themes, which makes this app more than awesome.

True Picks

Truepick’s is a blend of some amazing home screen wallpapers and home-screen setups that can be applied on your smartphones. The app has a collection of high-quality wallpapers, designed especially for AMOLED display devices.

Though the app has a limited number of wallpapers and home screen set up to offer, it has enough potential to give your device screen a classy makeover. The best thing about the app is that you do not need to separately choose the home screen and lock screen, as it provides a perfect combination of both that you can apply on your screen.

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Pixxur With

Pixxur With the help of Pixurr app, you can give a refreshing look to your smartphone’s home screen, thanks to some thoughtfully designed colorful backgrounds coupled with a minimalistic design. The app offers you 4K high-quality wallpapers in categories like Paperstyle graphics, Desert, Fluid, Forest, Gradient, Abstracts, Minimalist, Nature etc.

This Amazing Wallpaper app lets you customize your smartphones with a group of vibrant colored backgrounds characterized by a minimal fashion. You can simply download the app and search for your desired wallpaper in your category and tons of high-quality wallpaper will pop out on your screen.

You also get some amazing backgrounds that you can mark as favorites and then set them as the background of your home screen. As this is a new wallpaper app not many people know about this yet and I will highly suggest you give it a try if you are into minimalism. We have 20 promo codes of this app so, hurry.


Foxbit is a versatile and one of the best customization apps for Android. The app comes with more than 1500 icons, 40+ wallpapers, and a dynamic calendar that is compatible with almost all the launchers. You get cartoonish style icons that are crafted in different flat-styled icons which are filled with radiant colors. The icon has unique shapes that are coupled with different color textures, which makes this app different from the usual ones.

The colorful icons, soft shadow, and the high-quality design give an innocent look to your device. But it’s this simple and plain look which sets it apart from other Android icon packs and themes. We have 20 promo codes of this one also, so do follow us on Instagram.

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Getting a multitasking sidebar is still a dream for many, which will now get fulfilled with the Panel app. The panel is a launcher that is located on the corner of your home screen that gives you quick access to app drawer and widgets.

So, now you do not need to go to the menu, again and again, all you need to do is to swipe the edge of your screen and you are good to go. The sidebar of the app is highly customizable where you can alter the row and column counts and adjust the size according to your liking.

Apart from this, you can also change the color and position of every panel. The app is compatible with most of the launchers and you get tons of customization options in the panel.

True Amps

True Amps is a truly customizable and it offers you tons of customization option. The app is compatible with both OLED and LCD display. You can change font style, notification icons, charging status indicator icons, and apply custom colors.

The best feature of the app is the always-on display, which is a dream come true for many users. The app offers you 4 charging style animation in different geometrical shapes. Sphere charging animation is available in the free version of the app and to avail of the other three shapes, you need to upgrade to the Pro version of the app