Top 10 best android launcher apps


Android has always empowered its users by giving innumerable fea tures and special privileges on every new release. One of the privileges is allowing users to modify the look and feel of their Android phone through launcher. This includes the ability to install new android launchers that allows users to customize their home screen, add cool features to it, and create different templates. It keeps their phone-experience exciting.

However, it’s often challenging to choose a Best Android launcher that suits your need from hundreds of options available on the play store. So, I am going to show you 10 Super amazing Android launcher that will take your Android experience to the next level.

Lawnchair Launcher

It is an open-source Android launcher that is designed to work with any Android smartphone to give you a pixel experience Look. It provides Google Pixel like features that gives close to a stock experience to its users, such as shortcuts, notifications for different applications and ability to change the size, style, font and other configuration of the Android System. Also, it provides tons of customizations options using which you can customize each and every aspect of your home screen.

Smart launcher 5

Next up we have, Smart Launcher which has always been famous for its flower grid and dedicated app folder that is completely sorted. And with Smart launcher 5, many other features have been integrated to it. This includes adaptive icons, auto colour mode, and an app drawer that is highly customizable.

The app drawer enhances browsing experiences and smartens the both web-search and the local search in the directories of the internal memory. The premium version provides advanced gesture controls and pop-ups that come with settings to modify them as per a users’ needs. If you like customization this could a best Android launcher for you.

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Microsoft launcher

Next up we have Microsoft launcher, which was previously entitled as Arrow Launcher. However, it was later changed it to Microsoft Launcher. This Launcher offers user an easy way to manage their stuff on their device.

Right from tailoring the calendar to do lists, and Sticky Notes, the Android Launcher makes it more productive with Cortana, which can read unread text messages, calendar updates and more for the user.

One of the cool features of Microsoft Launcher is that it allows you to download new wallpapers from Bing on the daily basis without having to forcefully download the entire packages. Much like a smart launcher, it tracks your activity and displays it in the ascending order. This includes media, contacts, and other activities.

Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion launcher is a multi-featured dynamic Android launcher that stands out for quite many reasons. These reasons include the subdue of customizations in folders, themes, widgets, and standard wallpapers.

It also provides adaptive icons that go well with almost any colour contrast or brightness. Even though, several features Hyperion Launcher are restricted and can only be unlocked in purchasing the Pro version—such as custom gestures and changes in the launcher itself—the free version is still substantial for more than general use.

Nova Launcher

Next up we have the king of Android launcher and yes you guessed it right, it’s the Nova launcher. Fast, sleek and highly customizable, Nova Launcher is among the best modern Android launcher apps.

Nova balances extensive appearance and utility customizations with a minimal performance impact, letting you set your home screen just right without slowing down performance. There are a lot of options to work through, from colour themes to icon packs, scrollable docks to app drawer customizations, folder settings and infinite scrolling.

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Action Launcher

Action launcher pixel edition will answer your questions if you are in search of a material design look of android stock with pixel twist. This launcher can be installed even if you don’t have a pixel device.

Action pixel launcher offers a wide variety of customization options from colour to designs. You can easily customize dock search box and quick bar and can make use of covers which is a quite interesting and a unique way of accessing your files and folders of your device.

iOS 13 Launcher

Next on the list is iOS 13 Launcher where the developer has fused an iOS 12 design with iOS 13. It has very least ratings but it has been primarily been able to make it into the list due to its stability.

Almost all the aspects of the iOS have been provided in tis launcher, whether its customizable desktop folders or customizable photo tiles or clock, weather and Ram widgets with drag and drop. It has everything which you can dream of. As far as the look is concerned it has a very elegant look with multi-colour transparent task bars and menus with widget in desktop mode.

Launcher 10

The best thing about this launcher is its speed and performance. Windows in itself is a very renowned brand and some of its users, due to the quality windows smartphones offers, are still in love with the Windows operating system smartphones.

So, Launcher 10 is for all the windows fans out there. The launcher comes with a traditional windows phone look where it combines the combination of Mosaic looks and tiles appearance. The tile user interface is loved by everyone as it is easy to operate and you can perform all your important task at a single click of your finger.

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Google’s Pixel Launcher

Though this launcher does not have too much to offer but due to its fan base and quality standard, I have put Launcher 10 on my list of Best Android Launcher. Google’s Pixel Launcher is my personal favourite as it brings you the best feature of the Pixel Launcher (from pixel devices) which the Android masses not been able to avail.

It has round edges with notification dots and badges while the theming has been backed by attractive icon packs, customized drawers and fonts with gesture controls and adaptive icons. Key feature of this best Android launcher is that it supports the google feed and assistant features but you will need to put some extra effort and time to avail this feature.

Niagara Launcher

One of the best features Niagara Launcher offers, is its ability to automatically quarantine and purge spam notifications. Since it has a completely sleek design, this app is quite user-friendly and well-articulated.

Now if you are still thinking why should one install a launcher when they have already a well-defined and structured launcher provided by the developer of the smartphone device. Answer to this question is that you can enjoy infinite customization options by availing these Android launchers.

All of us loves to try new things and has unlimited options through which we can modify our device according to our taste and mood.